Top Three Days

During the ten days of the final project my most successful and productive days were day five, day six and day seven. Those three days were the days when my project really started to pull together and make sense. Not only were these days productive they were definitely the more interesting days of the project. I completed a lot of work and made a lot of progress during those three days which made the periods go by very fast.

Day five was the day I decided to create a flash presentation for the individual component. I brainstormed my ideas on how to do the flash presentation and decided what I would include.  I then gathered all of the images and icons I would need for my flash that day. On day five I started to create logos on photoshop for the partner business project.

On day six I worked on my flash presentation for the individual component. I got a lot of work done that day and created a big dent in the work I needed to do. I definitely felt very accomplished on day six. I used a lot of layers, key frames and images. Towards the end of the class on day six I worked on one of the logos for the partner business component.

On day seven I worked on tweaking and improving my flash presentation. I incorporated a lot of the information that was in my article and depicted it in the flash presentation. On day seven I also created two more logos for Cardio Plus which put us ahead of the game. We had more logos than needed, therefore there were more for the CEO to choose from.

Everyday after day five seemed to be very productive, however day five, six and seven were definitely the most rewarding.


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Day Ten – Final Summative

Today I created a flash presentation for the partner project on Cardio Plus. The flash presentation was simple to create and didn’t require much time. Michaela and I worked on the brochure together to get it completed. We incorporated things like prices, accomodations, features, and images to the brochure. The brochure was also easy to create.

Everything is completed and we are now ready to present our project to the CEO and the class.

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Day Nine – Final Summative

Today I added a few finishing touches to my Flash presentation for my final project. Having completed the independent part of my final summative is relieving. Tomorrow I can focus on the partner project creating another flash presentation and a brochure in InDesign.

We’re getting close to being ready to present.

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Other Cardio Plus Logo

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Evolution of my Cardio Plus Logo









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Research and Explanation

I’m not sure if the link I posted in my previous tweet will open so I’m going to copy and paste it below:

The Globe and Mail: Bell to stop “throttling” Internet traffic

–         Throttling- technical Internet Traffic Management Practice (ITMP)

–         Its target is peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing through websites

–         ITMP decreases the speeds of the heaviest internet users during high traffic periods

–         Bell Canada and Bell Aliant sent a letter to the Canadian Radio- television and Telecommunications Commission which said the Bell companies would no longer implement ITMP

–         Bell Canada and Bell Aliant plan to stop ITMP this March

– is a non-profit organization against throttling/ ITMP

– doesn’t think it should be Bell’s responsibility to decide which types of internet traffic are acceptable

–         A spokeswoman from stated that Bell’s decision serves as a good example to other large internet service providers such as Roger’s Communications Inc.

–         CRTC compromise solution: a new pricing model that see smaller Internet service providers, who lease space on the networks of larger companies (such as Bell)- pay for the total capacity they need rather than the volume of data downloaded.

Flash Presentation

–          The people at the computers/laptops represent heavy internet users

–          The icons (Word, page and music note) represent files that are shared via internet

–          The moving files/icons represent the users sharing their files (Peer-to-peer file sharing)

–          The speed at which the files/icons are moving represents the peak internet traffic periods when the most internet users are participating in Peer-to-peer file sharing

–          The Bell logo represents large internet providers interfering with the speed at which Peer-to-peer file sharing is going

–          The slow sign represents Bell trying to slow down or “throttle” the internet traffic and file sharing between their customers

–          The angry man near the end represents an unhappy customer, someone who is against internet throttling

–          The logo is placed at the end because it is an online organization against internet throttling and computer spyware


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Independent Research Project

My topic was based on an article from The Globe and Mail Website called ‘Bell to Stop ‘throttling’ Internet Traffic’. Since I created a flash presentation, I couldn’t upload it to my blog. I posted a quick link to my word file that contains my research on the project and it also includes an explanation of my flash movie.

The Globe and Mail Bell to stop throttling

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Day Eight – Final Summative

Today Michaela and I presented our logos for Cardio Plus to CEO Mr.Leuverink. We had seven logos to present and fortunately our client liked two of them. He gave us constructive criticism based on his oppinion and his needs for the business. On some of the logos the font size of the writing was too small. When the logos are shrinked the font wouldn’t be easily visible making it hard to read. We also brought the graphics and text closer together creating less empty and wasted space in the logos. I spent some of today modifying and improving the logos I created, while Michaela did the same to the logos she created.

I feel very accomplished now that the logos are finished and our client is happy with our work. From here we will be able to move on and finish the rest of the project.

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Day Seven- Final Summative

Today I worked on improving my Flash presentation for my individual project on internet throttling. I was able to incorporate many of the key information and facts in the article into my short movie.

As for the partner project I created two more logos today for Cardio Plus. We have a colour scheme of red, white and black that we are following for the logos. We will be following this colour scheme throughout the rest of the project. We feel the colour scheme is good because it shows consistency and is easily recognizable for the public and business.

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Day Six -Final Summative

Today of the final project I worked on my Flash presentation for my individual research project. I was able to get a lot of work done and begin to really create my short movie clip. I had to use a lot of layers, key frames and images. Everything came together nicely today but there are still a lot of things I need to fix and improve on my Flash presentation.

Today I also took some time to create a logo towards the end of class for the partner project. I hope to improve this logo tomorrow as well as create more.

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